environmental analysis

Dataset: Travel Behavior in E-commerce

Research Product Type
These datasets contain the raw data collected from the two separate but related surveys to explore the potential of automated parcel lockers as an alternative for residence deliveries.

Demonstrating the Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Complete Streets

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
The researchers assessed whether the LCA framework was useful in identifying whether a complete street delivered, or was likely to deliver, the intended performance and benefits, and the social and health conditions of the neighborhoods receiving the benefits.

Global Warming Potential from Build-Out and Maintenance of Global Roadway Networks

  • Principal Investigator John Harvey, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
The goal of this project is to produce a first-order estimate of future global warming potential from road building, maintenance, and rehabilitation for the world’s road networks and put this into context with other expected transportation-related greenhouse gases.
Project Status
In Progress

Induced Vehicle Travel in the Environmental Review Process

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Associated Publication
Associated publication in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board utilizing the Induced Travel Calculator to estimate the induced vehicle travel impacts of roadway capacity expansion projects in California.