Calvin Clark

NCST's 2019 Outstanding Student of the Year

The National Center for Sustainable Transportation is excited to announce our 2019 UTC Outstanding Student of the Year - Calvin Clark! Calvin won this award based on the merits of his work, as well as his academic achievement, character, and ambition. His current research aims to provide guidance for predicting the effectiveness of bicycle facilities among current and potential cyclists. Calvin has built on prior work done at Georgia Tech by exploring the role of attitudes of residents toward bicycle infrastructure in addition to their use of it, enabling a better understanding of how bicycle facilities can be designed to positively impact whole communities. As a result of his work, Calvin is in the process of completing two papers before his graduation in December 2019. These will complement his first paper that was recently published in Transportation Research Record. 

In addition to working toward his PhD in Transportation Systems Engineering, Calvin is currently teaching as well. He has served as a teaching assistant for multiple undergraduate transportation courses at Georgia Tech, earning outstanding reviews from students. Calvin’s career goal is to become a faculty member and we believe he would be excellent in this role!

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