Webinar: Sea Level Rise Monitoring at the Local and Regional Scale

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Fraser Shilling – Co-Director, Road Ecology Center, University of  California, Davis

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Mark Risse  Director, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, University  of Georgia

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Sea level rise poses a real and significant threat to shoreline habitats and infrastructure. This webinar highlights results and lessons learned from two shoreline studies and shares next steps for this work. While there is broad recognition among federal, state, and local agencies that planning and investment decisions must recognize and adapt to sea level rise, there is currently no consistent and affordable method for measuring and recording shoreline change over large areas at a fine resolution. To address this gap, UC Davis is working with local and regional agencies in California’s Bay Area and coastal islands in Georgia to pilot the use of time-lapse, ground-based cameras that capture fine-resolution images and satellite imagery of changing shoreline conditions for storm events, seasons, and across multiple years.

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Final Report: Using Time Lapse Camera to Track Shoreline Change Due to Sea Level Rise
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