Reducing Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Construction and Maintenance

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John Harvey – Director, University of California Pavement Research Center, University of California, Davis
Alissa Kendall – Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis

Guest Respondents

Heather Dylla – Director of Sustainable Engineering, National Asphalt Pavement Association
Deepak Maskey – Office of Concrete Pavements and Pavement Foundations, Caltrans Pavement Program

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There are 2.65 million miles of paved roadways in the United States. The operation (including maintenance and construction) of the roadway network consumes significant amounts of energy and natural resources, and as a result produces significant quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, criteria air pollutants, and water pollutants.

This webinar explored the significance and role of pavement life cycle assessment (LCA) in understanding and mitigating the negative environmental consequences of the pavement sector. The webinar highlights state-of-knowledge and state-of-the-art in modeling and analysis of pavement LCA with particular emphasis on life cycle GHG emissions. As a primer, LCA is a quantitative approach for evaluating the environmental sustainability of a product or system by calculating the material and energy flows and consequent environmental pollutants and effects of a system from “cradle to grave”. Applying LCA to pavement can anticipate unintended consequences of a policy or practice by considering all life cycle phases and/or the interaction of pavement systems with road users. This webinar is specifically targeted to policymakers, pavement industry professionals, private pavement owners, transportation agencies, and researchers.

This webinar is brought to you by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST) and the Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy (PIEEE) at the University of California, Davis.

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This webinar builds upon a recently completed white paper from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation. To view or download the white paper, click here.

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