Integrating Climate Adaptation Efforts Across State, Regional, and Local Transportation Agencies

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Lisa Aultman-Hall – Professor, School of Engineering and Transportation Research Center, University of Vermont
Jonathan Dowds – Research Analyst, Transportation Research Center, University of Vermont

Guest Respondents

Sue Minter – Secretary, Vermont Agency of Transportation
Carol Lee Roalkvam – Washington State Department of Transportation
Joan McDonald – Commissioner, New York State Department of Transportation

Event Overview

The costs climate and extreme weather disruptions are imposing on the transportation system are significant and rising. In response, transportation agencies and organizations are exploring climate adaptation measures though efforts are hindered by shortfalls in financial resources, technical expertise, the need for improved data to inform design, and insufficient integration of state and local planning efforts.

The webinar featured presentations by Dr. Lisa Aultman-Hall and her colleague Jonathan Dowds from the University of Vermont. Our speakers discussed challenges and opportunities for transportation agencies in addressing climate adaptation and present a simplified planning framework they extracted from a plethora of work nation-wide.

Following the short presentation was a facilitated discussion with the guest respondents.


White Paper

This webinar builds upon a white paper from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation. To view more information about the research and download the white paper, click here.

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