Book Launch: Making Data Matter

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UC Davis Student Community Center, California Avenue, Davis, CA

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Across multiple fields and sectors, policymakers, funders, and practitioners working to improve low-income communities are increasingly looking to data analysis to inform community initiatives, investment strategies, and policy choices. Data-driven approaches – while promising – raise questions and challenges. There is a sizable gap between our interest in basing decisions on clear “evidence” and our ability to generate it in reliable, accurate, and meaningful ways. Transforming data into actionable information is often not straightforward, and capacity for analysis and application of data-rich information is uneven both within and across sectors. This forum brings together experts across multiple disciplines examining current and forward-looking approaches to tackling these issues.

Read more at the What Counts for America website.


Sponsored by the UCD Center for Regional Change, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and the UCD Institute of Social Sciences.

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