2021 World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research

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The National Center for Sustainable Transportation wass proud to sponsor the 2021 World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research! The event was held virtually August 9-11, 2021, hosted by Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference featured over 100 papers, with authors from 30 different countries around the globe, keynote speakers and panel discussions, networking opportunities, a dissertation competition, and some engaging, interactive sessions.

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Opening Keynote Recording

NCST Director Susan Handy provided the opening keynote at the conference.

California Dreamin’ – how I am helping the Golden State on its quest to reduce VMT, or possibly not

After nearly a century of efforts to accommodate driving, California adopted policy in 2008 that calls for reductions in vehicle-miles of travel.  State agencies have called on transportation researchers in the state to support their efforts in a variety of ways, including helping policy makers understand what the research tells us about possible strategies, translating research into tools for use in policy making and planning practice, and assessing the effectiveness of adopted strategies in achieving VMT-reduction targets.  In this talk, I describe some of the different ways I have contributed to the California experiment and reflect on the important lessons I have learned about the role of T-LU research in the policy process.

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