Capitol Hill Briefing: Policy Insights from Electric Vehicle Markets in the Northeast and California

In this briefing, researchers from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation will share insights from electric vehicle markets in two very different states. Insights on successful incentives, adoption barriers, and policy gaps from these states provide valuable lessons learned for federal efforts to promote a cleaner transportation system.

Will Autonomous Vehicles and Shared Mobility Create a Better Future?

The panel discussed innovative ideas and partnerships already forming around these three transportation revolutions, shared the latest scientific insights on potential public benefits and impacts, and explored the role of the federal government in shaping the roll-out of a new transportation paradigm.

Next Generation Incentives and Policies for Growing the Zero-Emission Light-Duty Vehicle Market

This briefing featured presentations from UC Davis researchers sharing the latest insights and research findings regarding the future of the electric vehicle market and what type of incentives, policies, and regulations may be needed to increase the adoption and production of low-carbon light-duty vehicles.