“Actual Results May Vary”: A Behavioral Review of Eco-Driving for Policy Makers

Principal Investigator: Ken Kurani | University of California, Davis

The purpose of this review is to provide energy and environment policy makers with both an up-to-date review of eco-driving outcomes and an understanding of how those outcomes depend on the behavioral contexts in which they are measured. In short, we seek to inform policy makers of both the 1) presently understood potential of feedback to vehicle drivers to reduce on-road energy use and emissions and 2) the difference that an understanding of drivers’ behavior makes to designing effective interventions to assure potential improvements are realized. While eco-driving research has developed and deployed sophisticated models of technical systems, e.g., the vehicles and feedback devices, achieving eco-driving’s full potential requires an equivalent sophistication in our models of the drivers.

Status: Completed
Funding: $34,618.33
Sponsors: US DOT

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