Teaching Transportation Remotely

Teaching Transportation Online

Educators, students, and transportation professionals are navigating new territory as they transition to online learning. The National Center for Sustainable Transportation has put together a brief resource page to support transportation faculty and educators in their effort to adapt their courses to teaching online. 

Sustainable Transportation Concepts Mini Lecture Series

The NCST's, “Sustainable Transportation Concepts: A Mini-Lecture Series,” aims to supplement college-level courses with sustainable transportation-related material. The lectures span a wide range of topics, including accessibility and mobility, the efficiency of air travel, e-commerce and last-mile distribution, electric vehicle types and markets, planning for sustainability, and alternative fuels. Additional lectures to come.

Bending the Curve

“Bending the Curve: Ten scalable solutions for carbon neutrality and climate stability” was an interdisciplinary and groundbreaking report out of the University of California. To help students from various academic backgrounds and fields of study to work together in identifying and exploring solution-focused projects, it was developed into a curriculum as well. 

Dr. Dan Sperling, NCST Co-Director and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis, and Dr. Matt Barth, NCST Associate Director and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Riverside, recorded video lectures as part of the transportation-related modules of the Bending the Curve curriculum. Click to view the transportation-related modules.

For more information on the full course, visit the "Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions" website: https://bendingthecurve.ucsd.edu 

University Resources for Remote Teaching

NCST's partner universities and colleagues have put together helpful resources to assist educators in their transition to teaching remotely. Check out more resources below.