Longitudinal Analysis of COVID-19 Impacts on Mobility: An Early Snapshot of the Emerging Changes in Travel Behavior

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The research team found substantial shifts from physical commutes to teleworking, more adoption of e-14 shopping and home delivery services, more frequent trips by walking and biking for leisure purposes, and 15 changes in ride-hailing use. Also, the research team discusses implications of these findings from the perspectives of 16 environmental sustainability and social equity. This study concludes with suggestions of directions for 17 effective policy and future research.

Spatial Implications of Telecommuting in the United States

  • Principal Investigator Andrii Parkhomenko, Ph.D.
  • University of Southern California
The research team will create a quantitative spatial equilibrium model of on-site and remote worker location choice and transport demand in the contiguous United States in order to examine how the distribution of jobs and residents within and across U.S. cities would change if the 2020 surge in working from home becomes permanent, and what the effect on demand for commuting and freight transport would be.
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