Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model Spatial Analysis Tool

This tool is an application of the Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model (ITHIM) created at the UK Center for Diet and Activity Research and subsequently applied in California by Dr. Neil Maizlish. The ITHIM-Sacramento spatial analysis tool combines the region’s population and its baseline health, injury, and physical activity rates with research-based relationships about the risks and benefits of changes in how much people walk, bike, take transit, and drive to estimate the health effects of future regional transportation planning scenarios.

This ITHIM-Sacramento Spatial Analysis Tool Website maps the changes in total deaths (from both physical activity and traffic injury) for 6 scenarios of the six-county Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) region at a fine grained spatial scale (ZCTA level).

For more information about the project background, analysis methods and results, and model source code and data, please refer to the ITHIM-Sacramento Spatial Analysis GitHub Repository