Other Sustainable Transportation Projects

Introduction to GIS High School Workshop & White Paper

  • Principal Investigator Thomas O'Brien, Ph.D.
  • California State University Long Beach
The CSULB Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT) will write a white paper on introducing GIS technology to high school students. CITT will then develop the introductory GIS workshop for high school students with a focus on sustainable transportation.
Project Status
In Progress

Personal Vehicle Ownership and Operating Cost Calculator

  • Principal Investigator Daejin Kim
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This project developed a tool that can help the public better understand the total cost of owning and operating a personal vehicle over the lifetime of that vehicle, from vehicle purchase to vehicle disposal.
Project Status

Solving for Equilibrium in the Bathtub Model

  • Principal Investigator Josh Buli
  • University of California, Riverside
The purpose of this research was to develop new models of downtown rush-hour traffic congestion that account for traffic jams, with the goal of developing a numerical solution for the “bathtub model” of rush-hour traffic dynamics.
Project Status