Where Are Used Electric Vehicles and Who are the Buyers?

With the introduction of various new plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), the market share of PEVs in the US has been rapidly increasing year-to-year. To support the market introduction of PEVs and develop PEV infrastructure it is important to have an estimate of the spatial distribution of PEV households based on the factors relating to individuals’ travel patterns and usage of PEVs. Unlike new PEV markets, the secondary market of used battery electric vehicles has not received much attention, though there are now significant numbers of PEVs coming off lease and on to the used market, with more expected soon. In this project, the researchers will use multiple data sources on the secondary market to identify who the buyers of used PEVs are, and why they chose to purchase a used PEV. In addition, the researchers will develop spatial models to estimate the market penetration of the used PEVs in a block group level based on DMV data and PEV sales data. The findings of this project provide new insights that can shape policies to grow and sustain the market for used PEVs. The project will better estimate the demand for home charging, public infrastructure, and the derived environmental impact of these used vehicles.


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