Vehicle Occupancy, Vehicle and Person Throughput, and Carpooling Demographics of SRTA’s Managed Lane Projects

The Georgia Tech team will update and expand the vehicle occupancy, vehicle throughput, and person throughput study conducted for the State of Georgia from 2010–2013. The original study examined the effects of the l-85 HOV to HOT conversion project on occupancy and throughput. The new assessment will cover the extension of the 1-85 HOT lanes (1-85 Extension) and the new reversible Northwest Corridor (NWC) express lanes, which opened in 2018, as well as the reversible l-75 South Metro express lanes (1-75 S) that opened in 2017. The team will assess baseline vehicle and person throughput on each facility, assess changes in vehicle and person throughput in each corridor between the fall 2018 and fall 2019 sampling efforts. The team will also deploy an online carpool survey, invite 40,000 Georgia Express Lane users to participate, and conduct focus groups to follow-up on survey findings.


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