Investigating Transportation Decarbonization through Transit and Rideshare Electrification: A Scenario Analysis with Large-Scale Models

Enhancing the environmental sustainability of the transportation system hinges on the critical aspect of transportation decarbonization. While the concept of rapid electrification across all existing modes has been previously explored, understanding the profound implications of such a transformative shift is paramount. Typically, proposed policies and strategies have been evaluated using traditional four-step models, often lacking a vehicle powertrain model in the analytical loop, which has limited the ability to comprehensively assess their holistic impact. Addressing this gap, this project capitalizes on the Department of Energy's Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation (SMART) workflow to delve into the realm of transportation decarbonization, specifically through the electrification of transit and rideshare systems. The core objective is to evaluate the potential outcomes of this endeavor. This will be accomplished by harnessing a large-scale agent-based activity-based transportation modeling tool meticulously designed for the Houston Metropolitan Area.

Research Area