Integrating Micromobility with Public Transportation

This project will build upon a previous project nearing completion titled, Designing Public Transit Stations to Enhance Access to First/Last Mile Mode Choices. The research team has conducted site surveys of 19 Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) rail stations in the California Bay Area, which are served by seven shared micromobility operators. In the previous project, the researchers have explored the ways in which the built environment can support first- and last- mile transit mode choices with their partners at BART. Due to COVID-19, BART ridership dropped 90%, which had an impact on this first phase of the work as it was not possible to observe normal travel behavior in 2020. Many micromobility operators plan to expand their Bay Area fleets in summer 2021, which will be a great opportunity to continue this timely research. This new project would continue stakeholder interviews, update ArcGIS map files (bicycle lane, operator zones, transit stations), explore travel behavior, and monitor best practices to increase micromobility and public transit ridership post-COVID-19.

Research Area