Assessment of Critical Barriers to Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Deployment – Workshop Series

The University of California, Davis and the California Energy Commission held a series of three Emerging Technologies Workshops in late 2015 and early 2016. The goal of these workshops was to identify environmentally and economically promising alternative fuel and vehicle emerging technologies, and to identify and evaluate the critical business and policy barriers blocking their widespread adoption in the State and develop solutions for those barriers. Additionally, the workshops were to analyze the broad range of commercial barriers and identify strategies to increase the adoption and rapid scale-up of emerging technologies, fuels and fueling infrastructure that will help the state achieve its goals for air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Each of these workshops convened groups of over 100 stakeholders engaged in the commercialization of emerging technologies for the light-, medium- and heavy-duty transportation sectors. Participants included manufacturers of incumbent and emerging alternative vehicle technologies, manufacturers of traditional and alternative fueling infrastructure, traditional and alternative fuel (including electricity) producers and supplies, financial institutions and investors, and public agencies concerned with energy, the environment, transportation, and the California economy.

Following the workshops, Emerging Technology Workshop Reports were prepared, detailing the findings and discussions from each workshop. The three Workshop Reports have been compiled and are available through the below link.


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