Amy Lee

NCST's 2020 Outstanding Student of the Year

The National Center for Sustainable Transportation is excited to announce our 2020 University Transportation Center Outstanding Student of the Year: Amy Lee! Amy won this award as a result of her exceptional work, as well as her impressive academic achievements, intellectual curiosity, and leadership skills. Amy is a Ph.D. candidate in the Transportation Technology & Policy Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on the relationships between transportation and land use, particularly the impacts of policy and politics on urban planning, transportation planning, and ultimately travel behavior and climate change. Her recent work includes the design and implementation of campus-wide travel surveys and the study of transportation performance metrics and induced travel. Amy has been an instructor and teaching assistant for the upper-division undergraduate urban planning course at UC Davis and has lectured in courses in environmental analysis and transportation policy.

Prior to pursuing a Ph.D., Amy was a research analyst at the metropolitan planning organization for the Sacramento region, SACOG, where she worked on the Climate & Energy team. While at SACOG, Amy led the agency’s efforts to analyze and implement California’s Senate Bill 743 (swapping vehicle congestion with vehicle miles traveled in the state’s environmental law) and contributed to regional plans for electric vehicle infrastructure, climate change adaptation, and rural economic development.

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