Graduate Student Research

Transportation Big Data: Networked Sensor Data Error Estimation

Principal Investigator: Saurabh Maheshwari | University of California, Davis

Comparison of Electric Vehicle Miles Traveled between Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles

Principal Investigator: Seshadri Srinivasa Raghavan | University of California, Davis

Analysis and Geospatial Modeling of Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE) in California

Principal Investigator: Xinwei Li | University of California, Davis

Evaluation of the Impacts of Enhancing Public Transportation Systems by Integrating Shared Mobility for First- and Last-Mile Transit Access

Principal Investigator: Anmol Pahwa | University of California, Davis

Long-Distance Travel and Social Network Geography

Principal Investigator: Sarah Howerter | University of Vermont

Addition of Secondary Particulate Matter, Including Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA), to the EPA’s MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES)

Principal Investigator: Ayla Moretti | University of California, Riverside

Application of New Low-Cost Air Quality Sensing Technology to Enhance Air Quality Measurement

Principal Investigator: Brandon Feenstra | University of California, Riverside

Oxidized Biodiesel Fuel Composition and Associated Tailpipe Ultrafine Particle Emissions

Principal Investigator: Jack Reid | University of Vermont

Exploration of New Methods in Long Distance Transportation Data Collection and Tourism Travel in Vermont

Principal Investigator: Ben Kaufman | University of Vermont