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Cloud Forming Potential of Aerosol from Light-Duty Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicles

  • Principal Investigator Georgios Karavalakis, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Riverside
This project investigates the water-uptake of aerosols from gasoline direct injection (GDI) vehicles using a mobile environmental chamber that has been designed and constructed to characterize secondary emissions, or emissions that have undergone atmospheric transformations.
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Fuel and Emissions Calculator (FEC) Version 2.0

Research Product Type
Research Report

The Fuel and Emissions Calculator (FEC) is an operating-mode-based, life-cycle emissions modeling tool developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology researchers.

Fuel and Emissions Calculator Spreadsheet Tool

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This calculator builds upon the earlier Fuel and Emissions Calculator. Updates include addition of light-duty vehicles, biodiesel, and more recent electricity emissions data. 

Gasoline Particulate Filters as an Effective Tool to Reduce Particulate and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions from Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Vehicles: A Case Study with Two GDI Vehicles

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Associated Publication
This article discusses the findings from assessment of the gaseous, particulate, and genotoxic pollutants from two current technology gasoline direct injection vehicles when tested in their original configuration and with a catalyzed gasoline particulate filter (GPF).

Improved Emissions Models for Project Evaluation (MOVES-Matrix), Year 2

  • Principal Investigator Randall Guensler, Ph.D.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
This project describes MOVES-Matrix 2.0, which builds upon the previous MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator to now integrate engine start, soak, evaporative, and truck hoteling emissions.
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