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Cost of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Ownership: How the cost of ownership impacts the choice between conventional and plug-in electric vehicles

  • Principal Investigator Debapriya Chakraborty, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
This project will study the factors influencing the total cost of ownership and operation of Plug-In Electric Vehicles and how policies like CAFE and fuel/electricity price trends impact the comparative costs of internal combustion engines and plug-in electric vehicles.
Project Status
In Progress

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Electric Cars and Trucks

This talk examined the current status of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle commercialization and included discussion of fuel cell applications for transportation, manufacturing cost trends, cost and availability of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, the environmental impacts of hydrogen production, and more.
  • West Village, Davis, CA
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Understanding the Early Adopters of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Research Product Type
White Paper

In this study, the author presents results from a survey of 906 FCV and 12,910 BEV households in California. They investigated the sociodemographic profile of FCV buyers and compare them to BEV hou

Understanding the Early Adopters of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Research Product Type
Policy Brief
This policy brief summarizing findings from the study which investigated fuel cell vehicle buyers in California and compared them to battery electric vehicle owners, with the hope of understanding why some households choose a FCV rather than a BEV.