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Awareness, departure, and preparation time in no-notice wildfire evacuations

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The researchers examined the factors associated with initial wildfire awareness time, the evacuation preparation time, and the departure time for the Camp Fire to suggest new pathways for better understanding how to plan and prepare for no-notice disaster events.

Fast-moving dire wildfire evacuation simulation

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The researchers use a post-disaster survey and decision tree methods to model agent movements, and explore individual scenarios inspired by the Camp Fire, simulating limited smartphone access, delays in awareness time, and reduced vehicle access. The researchers then combine these to produce “worst case” critical scenarios.

Improving Our Understanding of Fire Evacuation and Displacement Effects

  • Principal Investigator Debbie Niemeier, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
This research will improve understanding of the urban edge wildfire resilience by developing greater insight into three key mobility aspects of the Camp Fire disaster: communication, evacuation, and post-disaster residential location decision-making.
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