Alternative Vehicle Supply and Demand, and the Effects of Government Policy

  • Principal Investigator Yuan Chen
  • University of California, Davis
This dissertation presents an econometric model to measure supply and demand within the Chinese vehicle market. The model will be significant for industry, particularly car manufacturers interested in better targeting cars, including alternative vehicles, for the Chinese market.
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Capitol Hill Briefing: The Future of Sustainable Transportation

Researchers representing the National Center for Sustainable Transportation highlighted key challenges and trends shaping transportation in the future and pathways forward for better aligning economic, environmental, and societal goals in the transportation sector.
  • 2261 Rayburn Building – Room B-354, Washington, DC
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Comparison of “Advanced” biofuel cost estimates: Trends during rollout of low carbon fuel policies

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This paper reviews literature on production cost at the plantgate – without considering taxes or delivery costs – for selected biofuel technology pathways using a levelized cost of fuel approach, applying common financing assumptions for capital amortization and converting all values to year 2016 dollars, and examines results in the current low carbon fuel policy context.