National Impacts of E-commerce Growth-Development of a Spatial Demand Based Tool

  • Principal Investigator Miguel Jaller, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Davis
This study addresses how much e-commerce will grow, if the growth will be consistent across locations and demographics, and what the impacts on the transportation system will be. In doing so, the study will develop a tool to estimate VMT and emissions from varying e-commerce scenarios using transportation demand models.
Project Status
In Progress

Transportation Fundamentals

In 2019, UC Davis experts met with a cross section of policy stakeholders to discuss sustainable transportation topics in California and the rest of the US over the coming years. The Transportation Fundamentals briefing series was an opportunity for staffers in the Legislature, Regulatory Agencies and NGOs who are new to the sustainable transportation space to familiarize themselves with important technologies, statistics and trends in electric vehicles, alternative fuels, sustainable freight.