Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations | September 2018 | White Paper

Onboard Feedback to Promote Eco-Driving: Average Impact and Important Features

Principal Investigator: Angela Sanguinetti | University of California, Davis

Institutional Change | September 2018 | Research Report

Sustainable Transportation Implications of On-Demand Ride Services

Project ID: UCD-CT-TO-033.4

Principal Investigator: Susie Pike | University of California, Davis

Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | September 2018 | Research Report

Development of Integrated Vehicle and Fuel Scenarios in a National Energy System Model for Low Carbon U.S. Transportation Futures

Project ID: UCD-DOT-304

Principal Investigator: Christopher Yang | University of California, Davis

Multi-Modal Travel and Sustainable Land Use | September 2018 | Research Report

Automated Vehicle Scenarios: Simulation of System-Level Travel Effects Using Agent-Based Demand and Supply Models in the San Francisco Bay Area

Project ID: UCD-CT-TO-034.5

Principal Investigator: Caroline Rodier | University of California, Davis

Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | August 2018 | Research Report

Program for Vehicle Regulatory Reform: Assessing Life Cycle-Based Greenhouse Gas Standards

Project ID: UCD-DOT-213

Principal Investigator: Alissa Kendall | University of California, Davis

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