Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | August 2019 | Research Report

Emissions Benefits of Electric Vehicles in Uber and Lyft Services

Project ID: UCD-DOT-410

Principal Investigator: Alan Jenn | University of California, Davis

Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations | May 2019 | Research Report

Deep Learning–based Eco-driving System for Battery Electric Vehicles

Project ID: UCR-DOT-407

Principal Investigator: Guoyuan Wu | University of California, Riverside

Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | April 2019 | Research Report

Identifying Roadway Physical Characteristics that Contribute to Emissions Differences between Hybrid and Conventional Vehicles

Project ID: UVM-DOT-403

Principal Investigator: James Sullivan | The University of Vermont

Co-Principal Investigator: Britt Holmen | University of Vermont

Multi-Modal Travel and Sustainable Land Use | January 2019 | Research Report

Panel Study of Emerging Transportation Technologies and Trends in California: Phase 2 Data Collection

Project ID: UCD-CT-TO-038

Principal Investigator: Giovanni Circella | University of California, Davis

Co-Principal Investigator: Susan Handy | University of California, Davis : Patricia Mokhtaraian | Georgia Institute of Technology

Multi-Modal Travel and Sustainable Land Use | January 2019 | Research Report

Exploring the Relationships Among Travel Multimodality, Driving Behavior, Use of Ridehailing and Energy Consumption

Project ID: GT-DOT-310

Principal Investigator: Giovanni Circella | Georgia Institute of Technology

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