Factors Influencing Mode Choice for Intercity Travel from Northern New England to Major Northeastern Cities

Principal Investigator: Brian Lee | The University of Vermont
Research Team: Sean Neely | The University of Vermont

Long-distance and intercity travel generally makes up a small portion of the total number of trips taken by an individual. This project will provide research on travel behavior between non- metropolitan areas and large metropolitan centers. While some research exists on intercity travel behavior between large metropolitan centers, this research addresses a need for more research on travel behavior between non-metropolitan areas and large metropolitan centers. This research will specifically consider travel from home locations in northern New England, going to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. These trips are important for quality of life, multimodal planning, and rural economies. The research will identify and quantify factors that influence people’s mode choice (automobile, intercity bus, passenger rail, or commercial air travel) for these trips.

Status: Completed
Funding: $73,000
Sponsors: US DOT

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