Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Technology Demonstration Phase 2

The objective is to develop an ‘Organic Resource Locator’ for the Southern California region with particular emphasis on the territory served by the Southern California Gas Company. This will be a map of technically recoverable organic resources available for energy conversion, and the potential end users.

The task will involve a detailed, mapped analysis of all organic resources that are potentially available for RNG production in the Southern California region, particularly SoCalGas service territory, including: (1) available quantities and RNG potential; (2) periods for which the resources will be available at a constant ton per day basis; (3) composition of the resources; (4) available conversion facilities and capacities nearby; (5) proximity to pipeline; and (6) potential end users (schools, hospitals, etc.) including transportation end users.

This task will ultimately serve as a basis for a web based mapping tool that can be used to evaluate resource/production potential and emission/energy use benefits and will help expedite development of commercial RNG projects.


Product Type: Research Report

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