Evaluating the Effectiveness of “Smart Pedal” Systems for Vehicle Fleets

The research team will initially review existing “Smart Pedal” technologies and characterize the cost, installation, components, vehicle applicability, and expected effectiveness. The research team will collaborate closely with Caltrans and the technology provider to determine five (5) candidate vehicles on which to test the selected technology. Following the collaborative identification of five (5) demonstration vehicles, the research team will install data loggers (1 Hz data rate) to monitor vehicle operating parameters (fuel, throttle, speed, acceleration, and location). An existing baseline vehicle activity data set will then be established using drivers of these instrumented vehicles. The research team will then coordinate with Caltrans staff to facilitate the installation of the “Smart Pedal” technology by Caltrans staff on the five (5) demonstration vehicles. The research team will then conduct another similar vehicle activity dataset, this time with the use of the “Smart Pedal” technology. The research team will then be able to characterize the physical impacts of the technology on vehicle operation by comparing physical operating conditions (speed, acceleration, fuel) between the datasets. The research team will utilize the before/after “Smart Pedal” data to conduct a cost/benefit analysis of the top 2% of Caltrans Fleet vehicles which would benefit from “Smart Pedal” technology installation, projecting on to a large-scale deployment in Caltrans fleet vehicles. Future phases may include a much larger pilot program, covering a larger number of vehicles in the fleet over longer periods of time.

Research Area