Changes in Mode Share in California

The purpose of this project is to develop possible explanations for changes in mode share using the 2010-2012 California Household Travel Survey (CHTS) and the California sample in the 2017 National Household Travel Surveys (NHTS). The research team will also use the 2009 NHTS to help examine methodological effects that could explain any differences between the 2010-2012 CHTS and the 2017 NHTS.

In this project, existing travel survey data will be analyzed and findings related to changes in mode share in California will be summarized. A brief synthesis of existing literature that supports the travel survey analysis will be included, as well. The reports will summarize the change in mode share in California to provide evidence for potential reasons for the change with the purpose of helping Caltrans evaluate their progress in meeting their specific goals of tripling bicycling and doubling walking and transit.


Research Area