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The National Center for Sustainable Transportation's primary output from research is reports and white papers. Each project is also required to produce a Project Brief to summarize and highlight the policy and/or research findings and implications. NCST research also produces journal articles, conference papers, books, dissertations, theses, presentations, and posters. The NCST has also created various tools that can be used by policymakers and practitioners, such as models, calculators, and planning tools.

Adding Carbon to the Equation in Online Flight Search

Research Product Type
Research Report
This study explores the potential to promote lower-emissions air travel by providing consumers with information about the carbon emissions of alternative flight choices in the context of online flight search and booking.

Dataset: VCC User Survey Results

Research Product Type
This dataset is from a usability survey with vehicle cost calculators (VCC) users who tested three VCCs and provide feedback on their usability.

Intelligent, Predictive Parking Assist for Trucks

Research Product Type
Research Brief
This research brief summarizes findings from the associated project, the objective of which was to generate parking assist algorithms that can help truck drivers better plan their trips.

Comparison of “Advanced” biofuel cost estimates: Trends during rollout of low carbon fuel policies

Research Product Type
Associated Publication
This paper reviews literature on production cost at the plantgate – without considering taxes or delivery costs – for selected biofuel technology pathways using a levelized cost of fuel approach, applying common financing assumptions for capital amortization and converting all values to year 2016 dollars, and examines results in the current low carbon fuel policy context.