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The National Center for Sustainable Transportation's primary output from research is reports and white papers. Each project is also required to produce a Project Brief to summarize and highlight the policy and/or research findings and implications. NCST research also produces journal articles, conference papers, books, dissertations, theses, presentations, and posters. The NCST has also created various tools that can be used by policymakers and practitioners, such as models, calculators, and planning tools.

What California Gains from Reducing Car Dependence

Research Product Type
White Paper
While it is not realistic in the foreseeable future for most Californians to live without their cars, it is possible to decrease car dependence. Creating a less car-dependent world is not necessarily more costly to the public and can be achieved over time through changes in land use and transportation planning practices. Answers to many of the frequently asked questions about such efforts are provided.

Federal Road Charge Tax Administration Process

Research Product Type
Research Report
In this report, researchers investigate the institutional structure of the current gasoline tax at the federal level including historical changes, how the tax is collected, and how it is allocated and disbursed to fund infrastructure projects.