Institutional Change | January 2018 | White Paper

Aligning California’s Transportation Funding with Its Climate Policies

Principal Investigator: Gian-Claudia Sciara | University of California, Davis

Status: Completed

Institutional Change | January 2018 | Research Report

Introducing the Resilience into the State Transportation Network

Project ID: CSULB-CT-TO-026

Principal Investigator: Xiaolong Wu | California State University, Long Beach

Status: Completed

Multi-Modal Travel and Sustainable Land Use | January 2018 | Research Report

Developing an Interactive Machine-Learning-based Approach for Sidewalk Digitalization

Project ID: UCR-CT-TO-032.2

Principal Investigator: Ji Luo | University of California, Riverside

Co-Principal Investigator: Guoyuan Wu | University of California, Riverside

Status: Completed

Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations | January 2018 | Research Report

Managing the Impacts of Freight in California

Project ID: USC-CT-TO-035

Principal Investigator: Genevieve Giuliano | University of Southern California

Status: Completed

Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | December 2017 | Research Report

Development of Key-Enabling Technologies for a Variable-Blend Natural Gas Vehicle

Project ID: UCR-DOT-306

Principal Investigator: Chan Seung Park | University of California, Riverside

Status: Completed

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