Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies | June 2015 | White Paper

Strategies for Transitioning to Low-Carbon Emission Trucks in the United States

Principal Investigator: Lew Fulton | University of California, Davis

Co-Principal Investigator: Marshall Miller | University of California at Davis

Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations | June 2015 | White Paper

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Freight Movement through Eco-­Driving Programs for Heavy­‐Duty Trucks

Principal Investigator: Kanok Boriboonsomsin | University of California, Riverside

Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations | June 2015 | Research Report

The Application of Permeable Pavement with Emphasis on Successful Design, Water Quality Benefits, and Identification of Knowledge and Data Gaps

Project ID: UCD-CT-TO-008

Principal Investigator: Masoud Kayhanian | University of California, Davis

Institutional Change | April 2015 | White Paper

Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Climate Adaptation Efforts across State, Regional and Local Transportation Agencies

Principal Investigator: Lisa Aultman-Hall | The University of Vermont

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