Mode Choice Behavior for Game Day Travel

The new 71,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Downtown Atlanta is home to Atlanta United FC and Atlanta Falcons football teams and hosts more than 20 major sporting events and concerts with attendance ranging from 40,000-70,000 fans. Fans attending these major events share the roadways with more than 120,000 downtown employees, 62,000 students, and 23,000 local residents. Downtown congestion before and after major stadium events has become a significant problem. To help reduce congestion and improve the stadium ingress and egress experience, Georgia Tech researchers are assessing stadium travel patterns (fan arrival and departure time, mode choice, ingress/egress routes, etc.). One goal of this research program is to assess how additional demand can be shifted to public transit. This thesis will use trajectory data from Commute Warrior, combined with traffic data, and stadium survey data, to develop a decision-tree based on the observed trip chains. The nested logit model will be based upon analysis of fans’ revealed preference behavior and the model will be used to assess potential methods designed to alleviate downtown game day congestion.

Research Area