Evaluating the Need for Policy Interventions: Will On-Demand Ridesharing Services Enhance Sustainability and Mobility?

Principal Investigator: Daniel Sperling | University of California, Davis

The constantly evolving landscape of on-demand ridesharing services may provide opportunities for improved mobility and access, and reductions in congestion, VMT, and emissions. However, the rapid introduction of these services also poses many challenges, due to great uncertainty about what their impacts will be. Thus far, much of the regulatory dialogue related to on-demand ridesharing services has focused on the organization of the market, employment arrangements, and safeguards for consumers. As these issues are resolved, the discussion of relevant policies is turning to the potential for positive environmental and equity outcomes, however; the extent to which this occurs largely depends on how on-demand rideshare services are integrated into existing systems, and accounted for in sustainable transportation programs and regulations. This project will explore the need and potential for policy mechanisms that facilitate sustainability and mobility benefits related to on-demand ridesharing services, and evaluate the transferability of innovative and promising approaches that have already been implemented in a number of locations. This project will provide recommendations and suggest strategies for policy makers to align the advancement of these new services with existing state and local goals related to enhanced sustainability and mobility.

Status: In Progress
Funding: $75,557.87
Sponsors: Caltrans

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