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Sustainable and Emerging Transportation Technology Conference

This conference will address questions around how policy makers, the private sector, and others can work together to support transportation innovations in ways that promote sustainability and benefit all users of the transportation system particularly in terms of public health, equity, and accessibility. Transportation technologies and new approaches to mobility are advancing so rapidly that it can be difficult for policy makers to frame incentives, regulations, and market signals to promote all three pillars of sustainability: equity, the environment, and the economy.

Emissions Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployment in California

This research seminar will cover Giovanni Circella's study that examined the existing literature on the expected impacts of CAV deployment on travel demand, gathered feedback through a workshop with leading experts in the field, and explored several California scenarios of light-duty CAV vehicle technology adoption, usage preferences, and policies in 2050 to estimate the associated VMT and resulting criteria pollutant and GHG emissions.